Mage occurs in the World of Darkness, essentially a darker and more visceral version of our world, almost a sort of contemporary Gothic (think Gotham, but an entire world). Within the World of Darkness exist vampires, werewolves, mages, hunters (Sleepers who pursue the supernatural), wraiths, and other fantastic creatures.

Our campaign will take place primarily in Nashville, near present-day. So, it should be easier for us to have a conception of where we are during any given scene.

Also, you should keep in mind that we are playing in a modern world. Therefore, if your character’s Paradigm (see Character Creation) is based on a druidic order and requires him to wear monk’s robes and commune with nature, you should be prepared to draw the notice of Sleepers.

As an example, there is a character named John who belongs to a fairly new sect of the Akashic Brotherhood that has created a modern Jedi Order. He lives an ascetic life, regularly walks around in the customary tunic and robe of a Jedi Knight, and even carries a lightsaber with him. Although he certainly is met with ridicule many places he goes, Sleepers are familiar with the fad of following Jedi teachings as a religion (this phenomenon is officially recognized in Britain). Although he causes amusement and spectacle in many of his interactions with people, some of his magic (such as the Jedi Mind Trick) is considered coincidental, as long as he doesn’t try to shoot lightning from his fingertips.


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