Faction: ?
Specialty: The Doom

Jose Cuervo, a.k.a. The Doom, or JC for short, is not from our portion of reality. It cannot entirely be said that he is from the Umbra, either. Only Mike, Clayton’s avatar, has encountered JC before, and that was many lifetimes ago in an existence nearly forgotten. At some point, Mike and JC had both existed on the same plane, and had swiftly proven to be mortal enemies. Mike had tried three times to banish The Doom from his plane, and on the third try had cast him into the Umbral Abyss. How long he has traversed the Umbral worlds and worlds beyond even spiritual ken, no one can say.

Although he had been mortal at some point, his journey across time and space has altered him significantly. He had been the Harbinger of Doom for his original plane, and we can only guess how his powers have changed since. At some point, his exposure to the raw energies of the Umbra must have transfigured him into a Spiritual entity, allowing him to interact like a Spirit, but only time will tell what his true nature is.

Garth unintentionally summoned JC to this plane while performing a rudimentary and impromptu summoning ritual in a Pentecostal church, drawing a large amount of paradoxical interference. He tried to summon Jesus Christ, but instead he got Jose Cuervo.


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