All Quiet in Music City

Entr'acte, part 3


Shortly after their hard-fought victory at the mansion, the party commenced the usual looting protocols, finding a great amount of supplies, expensive items, gear, and a clueless Errol Mortimer who had been locked away on the second floor for safe-keeping. After collecting a number of important-looking files and documents for Victor, they realized that the mansion would actually make a pretty nice hideout (certainly nicer than the shit-hole warehouse they had been using lately). To that end, they tried and successfully managed to reinstate the “cloaking” field (for lack of a better term) that the vampires had employed. Because the magics involved were fundamentally different, the field would have to be “recharged” periodically.

As the night grew later, whatever had taken residence in Garth’s sock-puppet became more and more determined to break free from its bonds. It threatened Garth, it flexed its spiritual muscles, and Garth could tell that he would have trouble maintaining long-term control over the being. Opening up the Gauntlet long enough to send it back might also let in more beings just hoping for a chance to visit our plane.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was disposing of the remaining dead vampires with a bonfire and began to pass around the PBR Tommy had picked up earlier. Sensing the spiritual energy Garth had sneaked into one of the beers, “Batman” (as Garth had taken to calling the being) demanded the “spirit PBR.” Garth sense a solution to his predicament, but he knew that there must be some ulterior moment for “Batman’s” demand. Drawing on his occult knowledge of spirits and their “quid pro quo” nature, Garth created an elaborate contract stipulating that “Batman” would not harm anyone in the party nor any of their friends (primarily, Mortimer, Victor, Lucas, Shawn, Williams, and Father Dave) in exchange for one “spirit PBR.” Satisfied with the terms, both parties agreed to the magically binding agreement. It was around this time that Mike (Clayton’s avatar) realized that he had a really bad feeling.

As the party watched the sock-puppet guzzle the spiritual essence, they saw it begin to glow with pale energy. Garth quickly removed the sock-puppet from his hand shortly before it burst open in a flash of light, revealing the formless entity they had encountered at the church earlier that day. “I have not delved the Umbral Abyss nor crossed planes only dreamt of in your primal hearts only to be imprisoned by a mortal conjurer,” it boasted. It thanked Garth for providing the means of its release, promising that they would meet again, and swiftly departed, its form blending into the still night without a trace. It was then that Mike realized he knew what Garth had summoned: The Doom, Jose Cuervo.

The next day, the party decided to check out a few of the Music Man’s former cover businesses, since they probably hadn’t received word yet of their master’s demise. In the process of investigating a bar downtown, Garth was accosted and mystically branded with the Greek letter “mu” on his forehead. His assailant proved surprisingly elusive, but they managed to track him back to Christ the King, Father Dave’s church. Remembering that the church had instituted a sort of neighborhood watch, they asked the priest why he would send one of his parishioners after them (specifically, Garth). The priest replied that he had given no such instructions, but he had heard about an incident at another church where a demon had reportedly been summoned. One of his parishioners must have mistakenly thought Garth had been involved . . .

With that done, they returned to the mansion where a special announcement was being made by the Governor. Due to the terrorist attacks happening sporadically the past few weeks and the bomb threats of the previous night, the Governor would now bring in the National Guard to supplement the weakened police force and to aid in bringing safety to the city. A mandatory curfew for all citizens would be enforced, and Guard patrols would make regular sweeps throughout the city. Edwards realized quickly that the Governor’s announcement had the hand of the Technocracy behind it, and they had only a short window of time before Agents would try to reinforce their position in the city.

The question was: could they get the Governor to call off the curfew and occupation before it was too late?



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