Vance is known among the Traditions as the highest-ranking agent of the Technocracy in Nashville. Ten years ago, he famously eliminated almost single-handedly a pack of werewolves who had taken control of the Parthenon. He typically is seen wearing a full suit with a bolo tie and cowboy hat. His slow drawl belies his quick mind and hands.

The Technocratic control of Nashville had remained stable with few incidents until recent events, and he has not had to respond with severe force since his encounter at the Parthenon those years ago. He is rumored to have personally destroyed the terrorists at their safe-house on the East side of Nashville, but no witnesses have confirmed this rumor.

The Police Headquarters in downtown Nashville was recently destroyed in a terrorist bombing, although no group has claimed responsibility. It was rumored that the Technocracy had their own Nashville base in this building, and Vance has not been seen since the bombing.

At the height of Alan’s summoning ritual, Vance and a squad of agents came on the scene. Almost immediately they found themselves in combat with three fearsome Fomori. Eventually, it was down to Vance and one seriously wounded Fomor, but Clayton put them both out of their misery with a well-placed bullet.


All Quiet in Music City Eudokus