The Technocracy has its roots in the Order of Reason, a group of mages that gained more power and prominence toward the end of the middle ages. It was the Order of Reason that promoted academic and scientific excellence during the Renaissance, slowly persuading many Sleepers to do away with superstitious beliefs in magic potions, wizards, and other silly notions. To aid their power struggle, the Order of Reason used the Catholic Church to persecute and even execute many Awakened who could not escape the Inquisition.

Slowly, the world began to accept the magics of Science and Technology, and as more Sleepers found themselves capable of believing and “understanding” these mysteries, the Consensus slowly changed, causing Paradox to lash out more against Traditional approaches to magic. When the Industrial Revolution finally arrived, the Order of Reason became fully dedicated to Technology, and began setting up the networks that would develop into their various modern conventions. The Technocracy was born, and its agents infiltrated each echelon of the major world governments, attempting to guide humanity inexorably toward the Technocratic dream of Ascension.

Originally, the Technocracy’s goal was only to help all mankind achieve Ascension through what seemed to be the perfect paradigm for the world, but over time and through the course of its war with the Traditions, it has become more focused on eradicating those persons who stand in the way of a worldwide paradigm. In our present-day time, the Technocracy has settled back somewhat. The Consensus is still strongly in their favor, and many members of the Traditions feel the need to regroup and rethink their strategies for stopping the Technocracy. Meanwhile, Technocrats divide their attentions in different areas: producing more elaborate devices that hopefully will lead to Ascension, exploring worlds beyond our own, and rooting out any external threats (other than the Traditions).

Naturally, the Technocratic paradigm relies heavily on research, science, and tools. Technocrats don’t believe in magic. To them, a teleporter works because they spent time researching particle physics and string theory, not because they have exerted their will upon the universe. And although the Consensus favors Technology, Technocrats have discovered that the world can often handle only so much innovation at once. Sometimes they find their devices producing no effects or the wrong effects because the world simply isn’t ready to accept them into reality. The Technocracy has had to create a timetable through which they introduce progressively more complex and innovative devices, hoping that the Consensus is ready for them.

All of the Traditions despise the Technocracy for their betrayal of magic. Although they themselves cannot agree on a universal paradigm, they all agree that Technology is not the best method. Furthermore, the Technocracy’s own flaws caused several groups to leave their number and join the Traditions, most notably the Sons of Ether and the Virtual Adepts.


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