Nodes are naturally occurring places in the world where quintessence gathers and flows more freely. At these key points, magic can be performed more easily, and mages can even store quintessence within their avatars. Because of this convenience, Nodes are often hotly contested by rival groups of Awakened.

As a Background
You (and probably several friends) control a node. You likely have some sort of defenses set up around it, if you plan to keep it for any length of time, and you have direct control over the quintessence that gathers here.

Each dot spent in the node determines how much quintessence can be gathered from the node during a period of time, and it also determines how much inherently easier it is for magic to occur in its area.

Be advised that nodes larger than 2 dots tend to be hotly contested by those who know of them. Nodes of 5 dots (and sometimes even larger!) are usually of the same mysteriousness/majesty as the ancient wonders of the world.


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