Music Man

Faction: Vice Lords (unofficial leader)
Specialty: Unknown

The enigmatic Music Man, as his underlings know him, seems to be a wealth of information, but information about him is scarce. Emil has been used as a contact on at least one occasion, but no personal interaction was made. He was indirectly invested in Jonathan’s operation, but nobody knows why.

He currently seems interested in helping the recruited mages with their efforts, but the “why” and “how” remain to be seen.

As a final job for the terrorists, the Music Man offered a large sum of money to kill Vance and to destroy his headquarters in downtown Nashville. When they instead found themselves on the run from the Technocracy, the Music Man decided to cut his losses and to employ others to accomplish his will.

The Music Man took advantage of the terrorists’ distractions by using his own people to bomb the Technocracy’s headquarters in Nashville. With his rival Vance out of commission, for the time being, he quickly consolidated his power and took control of a huge portion of the city’s political and economic resources.

After Corbin’s suicide, little has been heard from the Music Man. The Vice Lords are still operating, if not a little less efficiently, but it is unclear what their next move will be.

Music Man

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