Faction: Euthanatoi
Specialty: Entropy

Jonathan was originally part of a Euthanatoi hit-squad in Memphis, but he decided it was time to bring Nashville’s potential into the mix. Using Alan’s connections in the city, he gathered promising mages to his cause: a tactical strike against the financial side of the Technocracy in Nashville. His interactions with the other group members has been generally colder and sometimes more frustrated with others (especially with Jen).

His current whereabouts are unknown.

The party was suddenly attacked by Jonathan while they were investigating gang presence in Centennial Park. Jonathan seemed to be in some kind of fugue state and thought that he was fighting Agents. The party managed to subdue him and temporarily bring him out of his fugue state. Shortly thereafter, they traded him temporarily to “The Greek” in exchange for help with healing Clayton.

Jonathan was returned to the party seemingly unhurt, and he was eager to help them figure out what had happened with Alan.

Now that Alan’s ritual has been disrupted, rebuilding is the name of the game. Jonathan will take Alan’s place as head of the Euthanatoi in Nashville, but first he needs to re-establish a base of operations.


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