Faction: Virtual Adepts
Specialty: Correspondence

When she wasn’t yelling profanity at her laptop or Jonathan, Jen explained very briefly how her surveillance of the Technocrats would provide better intel for the operation. She devised a spyware disc that would monitor all Technocratic transmissions and records attached to the server, and she also provided the group with small detector discs that would monitor nearby enemy presence.

Jen explained to the party that on the night of the heist, an agent had apparently sneaked into Aaron’s dojo, taken her captive, and confiscated all her equipment. She then spent the rest of the time in St. Thomas Hospital with an agent as constant surveillance.

However, she left out that while at the hospital she’d undergone full-skeletal surgery to give her retractable claws and a bugging device similar to the one which had been implanted in Anders. Oh yeah, and she’d been brainwashed to act as a sleeper agent if she should ever come into contact with the party again.

But she died in the explosive firefight at the safehouse, so that doesn’t really matter anymore.


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