Experience Points


Experience points are earned at the end of each “chapter” of the campaign’s story, and they can be spent to raise improve your character much like the “freebie” points were spent during character creation. If you want a video game example, experience points in Mage are similar to the leveling system in Mass Effect 2: it is fairly easy to purchase a completely new skill/power, but it is progressively more difficult to raise the level of that skill/power with each new rank. Unlike Mass Effect 2, however, there is no “Retraining” option (i.e. once you spend your experience points, you can’t change them). You may store up your experience points until you spend them.

Point Costs
New Ability: 3 points
New Sphere: 10 points
Willpower: new rating (i.e. raising Willpower from 5 to 6 costs 6 points, from 6 to 7 costs 7, from 5 to 7 costs 13)
Ability: new rating x 2 (trainer recommended)
Attribute: new rating x 4

*Specialty Sphere: new rating x 6 (maximum rank 3 for our current story; trainer recommended)
Other Sphere: new rating x 7 (maximum rank 3 for our current story; trainer recommended)

**Arete: new rating x5
Background: new rating x4

*Your specialty sphere is the one with which you are most comfortable. In our story, it is the sphere that played the largest part in your Awakening.

**To increase your Arete, you must also complete a Seeking (a journey of enlightenment brought by your Avatar).

Experience Points

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