Faction: Euthanatoi
Specialty: Entropy

Alan is the only Euthanatos contact who is actively stationed in Nashville. He has led the general recruitment of various mages for Jonathan’s operation, and was crucial in gaining Aaron’s support. He left much of the operational planning to Jonathan, and he seems generally good-natured.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

The party recently heard that Alan’s death had been reported in the news. His body had been seemingly “drained of life” and was found in a state of advanced decay. The only identifiable remains were his wallet and ID.

When the party was investigating the disappearance of Mortimer’s machine they encountered him briefly in Percy Warner Park, alive and well, before he turned the machine on and fucked everyone’s minds.

Having dealt with their own personal demons, they tracked him down to the Bellsouth tower in downtown Nashville. There, Alan sacrificed himself to provide the final burst of Entropic energy to complete his summoning ritual.


All Quiet in Music City Eudokus