Faction: Akashic Brotherhood
Specialty: Life

Aaron owns a Tae-Kwon-Do studio in the southern part of Green Hills. Originally reluctant (to put it politely) to help Jonathan at all, he was persuaded by Alan to join the operation to remove Technocratic influence from Nashville. He has allowed the small group to use the upper apartment of his studio as a meeting place, but his general attitude suggests his displeasure with his alliance.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Aaron’s dead body was found in his apartment above the dojo while Desmond was investigating what had happened to him. The disemboweled corpse had been hung from a ceiling fan in the middle of the room with a strange symbol carved into his back. Aaron’s entrails had been arranged into a different symbol, but Desmond could not make sense of either one. The blood that had spilled onto the floor covered a great area and seemed to have some kind of design to it. One spot in particular seemed to glow a slight yellow.


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