All Quiet in Music City

Session 7

Masters of Artifice

Corbin and the party talked through their recent conflicts, explaining that the Vice Lords’ control of the city was all but cemented before they’d been interrupted by the events at Centennial Park. Nevertheless, he was prepared to let bygones be bygones, and he asked for the party’s aid: help Professor Mortimer find some invention he’d lost. In exchange, the party would receive compensation from the Music Man himself. After proposing this task, Corbin suddenly went rigid, said, “To kill me, you must burn me . . . like the Music Man,” put the shotgun to his head, and blew his brains all over Emil.

The group had no idea what to make of this sudden suicide, but they deducted that Corbin must have been manipulated somehow. They decided to leave the body and to take Emil with them for further questioning.

Back at Alan’s apartment, the group interrogated Emil for any helpful information about the Music Man and Vice Lords. They also looked at a map of all the locations they’d visited and compared them to Alan’s list they’d found. After some deductive reasoning, they discovered that certain key locations joined together in a huge outline of the traditional symbol for Spirit, and that most of these locations already had a confirmed Spiritual resonance. Their best guess: someone is preparing for a massive Spirit ritual, but of what sort?

The next day, Clint had to go take care of IT work while the group figured out what to do next. They figured that Edwin Warner Park should be their next priority since it formed the base of the Spirit symbol being inscribed on the city’s landscape, but on the way they’d stop by Mortimer’s lab to hear what all the fuss was. Edwards was still recovering from the battle the day before, and Jonathan decided to stay with her.

On the way to Mortimer’s lab, the party abandoned a much abused and traumatized Emil on the West side of Nashville near the old prison. They made sure that he had no hostile intentions toward them, and then set him free.

At Mortimer’s lab, the Professor told them about a machine he’d created that would lessen and hopefully negate the effects of Paradox. He had intended to use it originally as a therapeutic device for Marauders, but the device has been missing for a few weeks now. Corbin typically controlled who would be able to visit him in his lab. The last stranger he had met was a man introduced to him by Corbin, Alan Jennings. Mortimer gave the group the specifications and talked to Clint via cellphone about how to track down the machine, since it would be much easier to find with Correspondence.

Just when the group left Mortimer’s lab, Victor approached them quickly and informed them that Jonathan and Edwards had been attacked and needed immediate evacuation. They received a phone call from Jonathan almost simultaneously, confirming Victor’s story. He promised the party help from the Greek and his resources, and then quickly left.

When the party returned to Alan’s apartment, they found a bullet-riddled car and the bodies of three Vice Lords outside. They quickly evacuated a limping Jonathan and gravely wounded Edwards and found an abandoned warehouse a few miles away to use as a temporary hideout. Williams helped them out again, but the two Euthanatoi still needed rest before they would be ready for more.

As the party headed for Edwin Warner Park, it was already getting dark. Clint had managed to put together a tracking device that would track Mortimer’s machine, and the energy readings were also pointing them to the park. Upon arrival, they all felt a void, as if life itself were immobile. Off of one of the trails Lucas approached the party. He thanked the party for ridding Centennial of the Psychomachia. He’d tracked more spiritual disturbances to this park, and he offered his assistance once he dealt with it.

After traveling off the trails for some time, the group came to a clearing in which three human figures huddled together. When the group got closer, the figures rose and spined tentacles burst out of their bodies in an agonized scream. Musta Kraskish identified the creatures as Fomori, and the party hurried to fight the surprisingly resilient creatures. Lucas also joined the fight in a terrifying primal wolf form, and the Fomori were destroyed.

In the clearing Garth discovered a full rip in the Gauntlet through which the spirits must have come to possess the hapless humans. Clint fired up his tracking device while Garth began to repair the Gauntlet. As Clint’s device produced readings again, Lucas caught the scent of the one he believed to be responsible. Clayton hurried after him while Wayne dealt with his Paradox-induced Woody Guthrie problem. On the way, Clayton received a phone call from the Music Man, explaining that the attack on the Euthanatoi earlier was against his orders and that he was glad the group had decided to help Mortimer. He invited the group over to his mansion for a preliminary award and to discuss future matters. Clayton was in a hurry, so he cut the conversation short.

Clayton followed Lucas to the edge of another clearing, where he saw Alan alive and well, holding Mortimer’s machine. Alan looked down at the machine, and activated it. The world began to spin around the group, and each awoke to a different world around him.



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