All Quiet in Music City

Session 6

Moderato con Brio

After making their trade with “The Greek,” the party headed over to Fisk Hospital so that they could have an easier time healing Clayton with the Life mage’s help. On their way, they noticed that someone was following them in a car. Wayne and Garth accosted the stalker once they’d stopped, and they successfully freaked the hell out of what seemed to be an average guy who was interested in them for some reason. Garth especially tormented the man before he finally left, and eventually they all went back to Centennial Park to drop off the Life mage before heading to bed.

The next morning, Edwards mentioned that the man who stalked them had an association with Christ the King Church, one of the locations on Alan’s list. Before they headed out to check the church, they noticed a car full of gang members waiting in a car across the street. They seemed not to be hostile or at all interested in them.

Arriving at the church, Wayne, Garth, and Clint decided to wait in the car to keep an eye on the car full of thugs who’d apparently followed them from the safehouse. Clint also was trying to track his signal on Jonathan, which had been disrupted since late the previous night. Meanwhile Edwards, Mike, and Clayton headed inside to talk to the head priest.

They met Father Dave in his office, and he urged them to listen to his sermon concerning the corruption in the city. During the sermon, Clayton looked around the office and saw a posterboard with newspaper clippings describing the terrorist’s actions from previous weeks. He also found a file with a symbol known to be associated with the Celestial Chorus.

After the service, Father Dave met with the group again and mentioned that his parishioners had started a sort of community watch that was monitoring the corruption in Nashville, and he encouraged them to keep in contact with him in case any of them discovered other influences upon the city’s welfare.

Clint’s tracking device on Jonathan finally started working again, and so the group headed to the Parthenon to investigate the signal. When they arrived, Clayton and Mike took point while the others waited with the car. Clayton and Mike headed into the treasury room of the Parthenon where they discovered Jonathan, tired but seemingly unharmed. However, a shadowy mass manifested itself and started to hurl itself toward Jonathan. Clayton called upon the rest of the group to get the hell over while he tried to bull-rush Jonathan out of the Parthenon. The shadowy mass began to possess Jonathan, but Clint was able to slow its influence while Garth tried to exorcise the shadowy spirit. The spirit then possessed Edwards, but Garth again began to exorcise the spirit. Ultimately, the spirit was banished from Edwards and the group allowed Musta Krakish to feed on the defeated spirit. They learned that the spirit was a psychomachia, a spirit specialized in using humans’ fears to its advantage.

Jonathan stayed conscious long enough to tell the party that he had experienced some of the Psychomachia’s effects earlier, before he had gone into his Quiet. He also related the few questions The Greek had asked him the night before, all of which seemed fairly innocuous. The group decided that Alan’s list warranted more attention, so they headed out to Shelby Bottoms (the closest place whose significance they could not deduce), while Jonathan and Edwards stayed behind at Alan’s apartment.

On their way to Shelby Bottoms, the group stopped at the Musica statue in Music Row to investigate where Alan’s body had been dumped. When they arrived, the party discovered a strong resonance with entropic magic and some other sphere. Garth then noticed a tear in the Gauntlet on the statue itself. He determined that it had been torn on “our side” of mystical barrier, and he spent some time to fix the tear. Their work done, everyone got back on track toward their destination.

Night had fallen, and the group knew to expect activity from the Vice Lords, now known to be the Music Man’s main muscle. Upon arrival in the park they immediately set an elaborate diversion in motion that successfully eliminated two menial thugs while leaving a third captured for interrogation.

The group began to interrogate Emil about the Vice Lords/Music Man’s interest in the city, but the thug was unwilling to say much beyond “We run the city.” Then, a deep voice calmly said, “Let him go, now!” The group turned and discovered a large muscular figure, wielding a shotgun and wearing a leather jacket and jeans.

Corbin!” Emil exclaimed.



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