All Quiet in Music City

Session 5

Old Haunting Grounds

Desmond and Wayne managed to arrive safely in Atlanta, and they each made contact with local members of their respective Traditions. Wayne became fast friends with Garth, an itinerant ventriloquist, and Robby Rabid, a punk rocker, while Desmond was instructed to stay with Edwards during the pending investigation of his involvement with the “Nashville Terrorists.” Soon, however, a squad of Technocratic agents came to the apartment building where Desmond had been set up and where Wayne had been chilling with Garth and Robby. After Desmond made quick work of two of the agents, a third, Clayton, managed to kill him during his sudden Awakening. Wayne and Garth started to investigate the commotion, and Clayton tried to escape the building while following the instructions of his deceased drill sergeant (his avatar, he would later learn). Outside the building, he ran into Edwards who convinced him that he should forsake the Technocracy and join the Euthanatoi as a probationary member. Wayne and Garth eavesdropped on the conversation long enough to learn that Edwards planned to return to Nashville to investigate Alan’s recent disappearance, and they decided to join her despite her non-party-seeking attitude.

Several weeks passed before the motley crew finally returned to Nashville. They started at Alan’s old apartment where they found out that a body had been found, severely “drained of life” and showing extreme signs of decay, atop the Musica statue near downtown Nashville. The wallet found on the body belonged to Alan. The group then went to Fisk General Hospital to investigate Alan’s office and his corpse in the morgue. They found an odd symbol carved into the body’s forehead, which Clayton’s avatar identified as signifying the Entropy sphere. Edwards confirmed a strong ritual involving Entropy and another sphere had been performed on the body, but no one could trace the other sphere.

When they investigated Alan’s office, they discovered a ghost drive on the computer that had several files and folders containing names and locations in the Nashville area. They downloaded the information to a jump drive and headed back to the apartment to figure out their next move. After a few hours of preparations and shenanigans, the group finally decided to head back to the Parthenon to seek more answers.

Upon arrival, they found that small groups of gang members were scattered around Centennial Park, waiting for clandestine meetings. Clayton caught sight of someone monitoring the gang members with some kind of tech, and immediately set out to intercept him. Meanwhile, Edwards, Wayne, and Garth took a longer route trying to skirt around the thugs. Soon however, Clayton and the mystery tech-spy both found themselves being confronted by Men in Black while Edwards, Wayne, and Garth were hiding from the thugs Edwards had accidentally alerted. When Clayton’s pistol had no effect on the agents, he exerted his will to overcome the hallucinations. He then quickly dispatched the pursuing gang members and urged the tech-spy, Clint, to dispel his own hallucinations. When the rest of the group caught up, Garth informed everyone that a spirit of Fear was clearly trying to influence them.

Soon afterwards, Clayton was suddenly shot in the chest and the group had to discover their assailant. Through great teamwork, they quickly located and subdued their attacker. They were surprised to find that Jonathan was the one who had attacked them, and he seemed to be suffering from an extended mindscape, known as a “Quiet.” Garth made a deal with his attendant spirit to try to heal Jonathan’s Quiet, and the ritual seemed to work.

Wayne and Garth then successfully stopped another figure who had been observing them from a short distance. Lucas, a young werewolf, had been monitoring Centennial Park for the Fear spirit’s influence and was trying to discover the group’s affiliation. He responded positively when they offered to help get rid of the spirit and when they indicated that they were not allied with Vance. In return, he put them in contact with “The Greek” so that they could get a Life mage to heal Clayton’s wound.

In exchange for access to Life magic, “The Greek” demanded that the group deliver Jonathan to him. The group was reluctant to comply, but they didn’t want to lose time waiting for Clayton’s wound to heal naturally. True to his word, “The Greek” sent a car with a Life mage to the group, and they made their trade. They watched as the car disappeared, and then left before more trouble could arrive.



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