All Quiet in Music City

Session 4

Time to Face the Music

Having arrived home, the group caught up with Jen who informed them of her capture and captivity the same night their original operation had occurred just two days previously.

The Music Man called shortly thereafter, informing them that Vance’s headquarters was downtown at Metro Police headquarters on the second floor. He promised a $20,000 bounty for destroying Vance’s operational center and an additional $10,000 for killing Vance himself.

After their conversation, Desmond got Jen caught up on what had happened, and then worked with Vasili to plan a list of needed supplies while Anders and Wayne made some helpful concoctions for the coming fight.

The fight came sooner than expected when early in the morning the party discovered that Vance and several agents had taken position across the dirt road in front of the safe-house. Vance gave them the option of coming out peacefully or “making things difficult for everybody.” Vasili answered by shoving a barrel of explosives out toward the car. Vasili, Anders, Wayne, and Jen took up defensive positions while Desmond dove out of a window to flank the agents. Vance shot a debilitating gas into the house and Jen failed a surprise attack against Wayne. Shortly after Vasili and Anders tried to retaliate against the agents, Vance shot an incendiary round into their cover and another agent threw a pen grenade that finished off the two unfortunate friends. Wayne managed to escape to the other side of the house where he used some fancy Time magic as a shield that helped him sneak away.

While the agents scanned the area to make sure that no other threats remained, Desmond met up with Wayne and the two made their long way to the far north side of Nashville where they could avoid Technocratic influence. Desmond successfully called the Music Man, who cut them loose and left them to their own devices since they had failed their mission with too much attention on them.

Desmond suggested that they try to head for Atlanta where they could each meet up with members of the Euthanatoi and Cult of Ecstasy. As they hitched rides and met various other people coming from the Nashville area, they heard reports about their various misdeeds. They also heard that crime in general had skyrocketed, especially with respect to accidental murder.



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