All Quiet in Music City

Session 3


The Music Man called the group back at the safe-house since they’d hung up on him before he could convey useful information like checking with a professor at Vanderbilt University about magic-related questions and the $2000 bounty he’d placed on any Technocratic Agents they manage to kill. After that, Desmond had a weird dream but couldn’t really make heads or tails of it.

The group set out early in the morning toward Waffle House and Wal-Mart since nobody had thought to buy groceries yet. After receiving a bunch of looks and after Desmond lied to his boss to get out of work, the party realized that they’d all been classified as terrorists operating in Nashville and their pictures and names had been circulated through every major news source in the city.

They bought some guns from Emil who recommended that they try not to meet face-to-face now that the party had some major heat on them. In the late afternoon, they finally headed over Elmington Park to check a lead the Music Man had given them. Desmond found traces of Jonathan’s recent stay, and he managed to reverse-engineer Jen’s hostile-detecting device so that it would indicate Jen’s location. With extra help from Wayne, they finally ended up at St. Thomas Hospital.

The group breezed past the reception nurse, intimidated the fuck out of the 5th floor nurse (whom Wayne tried to charm), and kept searching for Jen. Just as everyone was figuring out that more Mind magic was obscuring Jen’s location, the party stumbled into another agent. Thanks to some quick actions by Desmon, Wayne and Vasili were only grievously wounded while the agent found himself thoroughly stabbed and shot. As soon as they rescued Jen, the party found themselves facing security guards who were investigating the disturbance. Vasili shot one and made another piss himself.

When the party made it down to the ground floor, they discovered that the entire building had been surrounded by a police blockade, a helicopter had put a spotlight on them, and the SWAT team was preparing to move in on them. Instead of trying the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid route, the party decided to try to steal the LifeFlight helicopter on the roof of the main building. During take-off, Anders decided to take a pot-shot at one of the SWAT officers who was chasing them and received a chest-ful of 12-gauge. After hair-raising maneuvers, Vasili and Desmond’s combined efforts made the pursuing helicopter crash into the ground. With some Correspondence help from Jen, Vasili guided the helicopter to a golf course where they ditched the chopper and stole a new car.

The party rushed back to the safe-house having rescued Jen, killed a bunch more random Sleepers, and having become full-blown terrorists.



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