All Quiet in Music City

Session 2


The next morning only Desmond woke up early since his two compatriots were too hungover from vodka to be useful. He decided to make the most of his morning by recovering his car and trying to find out what the hell happened at Aaron’s place in Green Hills. Upon arrival, he noticed that several spy cameras had been set by the Technocrats, but someone seemed to have already disabled them by the time Desmond got there. Once inside, he found a gruesome picture: Aaron’s naked and disemboweled body hanging from the ceiling. A symbol was carved into the Akashic’s back, and his large intestine had been carefully cut and arranged into a symbol that Desmond recognized as pertaining to the Correspondence sphere. In addition to the blood trail leading from the bed to the body, Desmond noticed a large 5×5 foot area of blood on the floor that resembled some sort of design, but he could not tell what it signified. One part, near one of the edges, had a peculiar yellow tinge. Being creeped the fuck out, Desmond left Aaron and his apartment behind.

After catching up with Wayne back at the safehouse, and noticing that Vasili was still passed out, Desmond tried to hunt down information about Alan and Jonathan, but even his contacts in the Euthanatoi proved of little help. Frustrated, Desmond decided to go shopping for bomb-making supplies.

Meanwhile, Anders was having a nice chat with a psychologist named Dr. Malone who was trying to facilitate Anders’ interaction with the police investigation. Anders thanked the doctor for his aid and asked him to get a message to his friend, Desmond, but he couldn’t think of how to contact him.

After getting re-stocked, Desmond returned once again to the safehouse, and related his findings to Vasili who had finally gotten his ass out of bed. He also mentioned that a duffel bag containing $5,000 and a note saying “Baptist Hospital. You’re Welcome.” in elegant script had been left outside their door at some point in the night. The group figured that their enigmatic “friend,” the Music Man, had delivered on his promise.

As preparation for their rescue, Vasili arranged for his cab to have body-work done so that it would not immediately identify him to his enemies, and the group asked Emil to get some recon over at Baptist Hospital while they waited. They received enough confirmation from Emil that Anders was most likely being held there, and so they planned how to rescue their friend.

After Anders’ pleasant conversation with Dr. Malone in which he asked him to get a message to his friends Wayne, Desmond, and Vasili, another doctor said that he would have to go into surgery again because of complications that had arisen from his surgery in the night. Even though Anders didn’t believe the doctor, he followed Malone’s recommendation to take the easy route and accept the doctor’s words.

Unfortunately for the doctors, Anders woke up near the end of his surgery before they were finished. In a panic, the doctors tried to sedate him again, but Anders managed to hold it off long enough to use a Life effect that would allow him to remain conscious for a time while appearing to be sedated. As a result, he overheard that they were actually putting something inside his shoulder.

After the surgery, Anders had one more conversation with Dr. Malone. Having regained more of his senses, Anders began to notice a few things that didn’t add up about Malone. Eventually, Anders’ field of vision melted away and “Malone” was replaced by a middle-aged, stocky man wearing shades, a gray suit, and a cowboy hat. This new figure warned Anders about his current associations, but thanked him for his earlier information concerning his compatriots. He then threatened much harsher interrogation methods soon to come.

At the same time, though, Desmond and Wayne were already preparing to bust out their buddy while Vasili waited with Desmond’s car as the getaway vehicle. Having disguised themselves as doctors, Desmond and Wayne managed to find Anders’ room, but not without overcoming some devious Technological Mind magic first. The two steeled themselves for battle, knowing that an agent awaited them on the other side. Wayne botched a magical effect, but still maintained enough stealth to get the drop on the guarding agent as he exited the room to investigate. Wayne’s attack missed, but that put him directly in line with Desmond’s hidden blade. The first blow immediately crippled the agent, and the second strike through the chin to the brain ended the agent’s life.

They wasted no time in gathering Anders’ belongings and cleaning up the blood out in the hallway. Still maintaining the doctor facade, the three walked their way to the exit. Surprisingly, the met very little resistance all the way out to where Vasili was waiting. As they gave one last look, however, Anders recognized the man who had pretended to be Malone, and Wayne recognized this man as Vance. Desmond, upon hearing that name, told everyone they needed to get the hell away from there.

As the group tried to drive away casually, they caught up with their now-freed buddy, but two police cars, one after the other, both tried to pursue them, and both were easily thwarted by Vasili’s driving coupled with a smoke bomb from Desmond. Realizing that Desmond’s car was now compromised, they left it in the lot at Flying Saucer and stole a new one as quickly as possible. After driving casually for a few more minutes, they noticed that an agent was very calmly following them in another car. Anders realized that he may have had a tracking device implanted within him. He spent the next few minutes trying to force his body to reject the new implant, while Wayne and Vasili shot the hell out of the pursuing agent’s car. After a short combat, the agent’s car crashed into a median on the interstate, and Anders managed to crush the bugging device implanted inside him.

Once the group reached the safehouse again, the Music Man decided to answer his phone which Vasili had called 2 hours previously and had left on to keep calling. The Music Man congratulated the group on rescuing their fallen comrade, but Vasili and Desmond soon interrupted him with questions about the supernatural world. When they discovered that he knew nothing about Orphans, they began to re-evaluate his usefulness as a source about the Ascension War. He did confirm that he and Vance had opposing interests, but did not elaborate further. He began to promise further assignments, but the group ended the call. They’d had just about enough for one day.



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