All Quiet in Music City

Entr'acte, part 2

Grandioso Con Forza

After a day or two of rest, Victor came to the party with a plan for the group’s combined assault against the Music Man’s mansion. He provided a wealth of surveillance and information about the grounds and security systems of the mansion, and then he let them in on the highly-detailed plan. In short, a distraction team downtown would lure the police on a wild goose chase (or was it?) away from their true target, he and a strike team would assault the mansion grounds head-on, drawing the attention of most of the security forces, and the party would sneak in through a hole in the perimeter, heading straight for the mansion itself. Clint decided that he would best help the party by monitoring his surveillance of police communications and dispatch, diverting law enforcement away from both strike teams, if needed.

It was a sound plan, and now all they needed was the equipment to carry it out. The party knew they would be dealing with vampires, but very few of them had any helpful information for how to kill them except what they had learned from movies and television. They figured that at least some of the stereotypes must hold true, so they set out to get stakes, crosses, garlic, and other such oddities for their upcoming battle.

Garth decided that LifeWay should be their first stop, and he proceeded to steal as many crucifixes and other holy items as possible while Tommy Collins diverted the pot-addled clerk and the uptight manager. Loaded with the power of Christ, they headed to a Pentecostal church to enact the next stage of Garth’s plan. Bursting into the church, Garth strolled up to the main altar as the head pastor and some of his congregation looked-on, startled by his disruption. Arraying the crucifixes and other items on the altar, Garth ripped open a hole in the Gauntlet and attempted to summon the Spirit of Jesus Christ into the holy icons. As the energy swirled around Garth and a vortex from the void opened, Tommy tried to run interference on the pastor and congregation, attempting to shield their minds so that they would forget the insanity they were witnessing. However, the Sleepers’ witnessing caused a huge backlash of Paradox that somehow left Garth mostly unscathed, yet it interfered drastically with his summoning. A flash of light filled the church as a being of energy appeared, which then attempted to force its way into Garth’s body. Victor burst into the church at almost the same moment, drew his gun, and locked his sights on Garth, ready to shoot him at the slightest moment. Fortunately, Garth managed to hold it off and trap it inside Musta Krakish’s sock puppet (which had been surprisingly quiet, lately). Unfortunately (for Garth), Victor threatened that he would not hesitate to kill him if he did anything like that again. Oh, and by the way, “crucifixes are useless against vampires!” he informed Garth.

During that whole bullshit, Michael, Clayton, and Penelope were preparing weapons, gadgets, potions, and other things that would actually prove useful. Garth stubbornly held onto one giant crucifix, convinced that he could use it as a stake, if nothing else. And so, the party finished their preparations for the assault, occasionally interrupted by threats and promises of vengeance from whatever Spirit had become trapped in the sock puppet.

The hour at last came. An anonymous person left a duffle bag outside a bar near Music Row, which exploded as the person rounded the next corner. Police and emergency responders received a poetic bomb threat based on the “Hickory Dickory Dock” nursery rhyme. At the same time in Belle Meade, a maintenance crew with their huge truck was parked outside of the Belle Meade Mansion’s front gate. When accosted by security, Victor and his crew drew their submachine guns, opened fire, and set up a barricade barring traffic and entry/exit in the immediate area. On the other side of the property, the party stealthily crossed the disabled security perimeter, keeping an eye out for any reinforcing guards. While Victor’s crew engaged security, the party checked out the guardhouse for weapons and surveillance, then headed to the mansion itself. After a few minutes of clearing the mansion, they discovered that the well-known antebellum mansion was little more than it seemed to be. Diligent tracking, however, revealed an extra power source emanating from deeper within the grounds. So, the party headed carefully toward the signature, while the firefight at the front gates slowly took its toll of life on both sides.

As they headed deeper into the woods, Tommy realized that some kind of mind-affecting illusion was present. Just as he overcame the illusion and another mansion appeared before them, the ground trembled as dozens of bodies clawed their way out of the earth. The zombies proved little trouble for the group, but their summoning seemed to serve as more of an alarm than an actual deterrent. For, soon afterward the party met a hail of bullets coming from the new mansion that had appeared before them. After some quick spells and shooting, whatever enemies had opened fire appeared dead.

The party quickly licked their wounds and headed into the mansion. Finding no luck with light sources, Penelope tried to provide some illumination before they were ambushed. Unfortunately, a large cloud of suffocating darkness descended upon the group, and the true battle began. A long, arduous battle took place with shadows rising up to attack the party, spontaneous combustion erupting around them, bullets flying with minimal effect, and even a few instances of mind-control. As several members of the party looked near-death, outside influence from The Greek (?) turned the tide. Finally, the Music Man himself was brought down, and the rest of the vampires tried and failed to flee.

After burning most of the vampires, Victor (who had left the battle at the gates when fight in the mansion had begun) told the party he would be taking two of the vampires back with him. He then reminded them that they owed him the agreed-upon documents, files, and information that must be stored somewhere on the grounds. Anything else the party wanted would be theirs.

After some quick searching, they rescued Mortimer and found what appeared to be the Music Man’s “command center” with surveillance feeds of the grounds and of several “dive bars” around the city and a number of computer and paper files.

Clint reported that he had successfully diverted the police away from the Mansion, giving them some time to collect themselves and figure out what lay in store for them next.



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