All your life, something has been different about you. You’ve seen the often incredible coincidences of life: finding a $10 bill on the street just when you realize that you’ve left your wallet at home, instinctively hitting the brakes just before you hit the car in front of you while you’re distracted, deciding not to fly home on a plane that you would later discover had crashed into a field . . . To many people, such events are coincidences. Sometimes extreme coincidences, but coincidences nevertheless. You’ve also seen and heard of what can only be explained, ostensibly, through miracles: spontaneous human combustion, the lone man who survives a train crash without a scratch on him, the parent who lifts a car to save their trapped child . . . Every time you’ve seen or heard about these events, something in the back of your mind has nagged at you, insisting that such events can’t be just chance or circumstance. There must be a way to influence the world around you . . .

And then, one day you did it. The world bent ever so slightly to your will. You didn’t understand how or why it happened, but somehow you did something you know is impossible. You Awakened, and the veil of Reality was lifted from your eyes for the first time. Your journey to Ascension had only just begun . . .

General Info
For this campaign, we will use the Mage: the Ascension rulebook. I’ll make relevant sections of it available to you (including character sheets), but we shouldn’t need to consult it much once we pass the character creation. You can always ask me for clarification or help with powers, attributes, etc.

Mage is less concerned with the numbers and dice-rolling than it is with telling a story. There are no named “powers” that you have. Your understanding of magic and reality allows you to do almost anything that you can imagine, as long as you have the right skills or knowledge of magic. It is designed to be a more cinematic experience that requires less number-crunching and more creativity on the player’s part.

Here is an illustration most of us should be able to appreciate: In the rpg world, Mage is the Oblivion/Skyrim to D&D’s Diablo/KOTOR/and other such games. There are no character classes in Mage. You are presented with all the skills, attributes, and knowledges available in the world. When you create your character, you will choose a handful to represent your specialties, but if you stick around long enough, you could eventually master them all (although such legendary people find it hard to exist in Reality).

I’ll post more specific rules about the game on the wiki.

Guidelines for Character Creation
-You may be a member of a Tradition or an Orphan. Hollow Ones will not be used, and remember that Tradition Mages start with certain non-mechanical advantages.
-Your Awakening may have happened as recently as the incident at the Bellsouth Tower, but it will be easier for RP if it’s within a year of the in-game events
-You may use Resonance and Essence at your discretion, but you should talk to me about using them
-You will start with 3 Arete. All other points will be the normal character creation allotment.
-You may choose up to 2 Merits and 2 Flaws, but your Flaws may not be greater than 7 points.

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